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Kathy's Cancer Blog

Not quite 1 year post treatment update

Well, It's been almost 1 year since Kathy has completed her cancer treatment. Kathy is progressing great! It's her Birthday today and the doctor visit yesterday was awesome. NO Signs of cancer. She's well on her way to recovery. Kathy is rebounding weight wise from her lowest weight of 107 to 117. She has gained +10 lbs over the last 2 months as her appetite is increasing. At times she is still having to take marinol to get going, but they now have stopped worrying about her weight loss. She had lost a total of 70 lbs during her cancer battle. Current symptoms are: Dry Mouth - Sweet Tea is about the only thing that is palatable. Other than coffee with 4 packets of Splenda or equal. Taste sensitivity - anything really salty or with acid or spice burns her mouth. Appetite - at times she needs a little boost. But improving. As always, Thank you for supporting us. I wish everyone the best and hope you all can win this courageous battle. Take Care and God Bless.
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Its so good to hear from you. I was wondering how Kathy was getting along. I knew she'd be ok as I remember she was able to eat throughout her entire treatment. As time goes on she will get more of her taste back and all foods will become easier to swallow. I'm 2 years out of treatment and still have dry mouth mostly at night though, so, I think that is one condition that will stay. But, its a small price to pay to be cured of this cancer. Congradulations Kathy! I'm glad you're doing well. Regards, Frank
Great news and once again, Happy Birthday :) xoxo
Wonderful to hear this! No signs of cancer is the happiest words I've heard this year! My husband still has the dry mouth as well - and he's still on pain meds at night due to continued soreness. He will hit the one year mark in July. He is sensitive to spicy foods, which he misses:( So glad to hear Kathy is gaining - it's an uphill battle, but certianly worth the fight. May your wife continue to experience wonderful health!
Cancer free - happy news!! Even if I don't have an appetite (which is often) I still eat something every few hours. In my case, I am afraid if I don't eat something, my swallow muscles will not want to work again. There are swallow exercises on my site if you need them. My mouth is still sensitive even to Biotene dry mouth rinse which does help for my lact of saliva. I try new things and if it tastes overly salty or acidy, I won't eat much if any and move onto something else. I tried a very small sip of wine yesterday and it was burn and tasted like vinegar! So much for drinking wine. A sip of soda feels like it explodes in my mouth. It is so wierd. For some reason, dark chocolate milk seems to calm my mouth. Chugs Chocolate milk shake and Dark Chocolate Almond milk by silk both appear to be mouth friendly!! Most times I have the Dark Chocolate Almond milk while I am eating. Accupuncture has also helped get my saliva glands working again. I am minus one saliva gland. Have fun trying new foods. Take care, Sandyjo
Happy, happy birthday!! I hope it is filled with joy and sunshine!! How are you doing? Hugs, Sandyjo
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6 month post treatment update

Well, its been a while since we updated BFAC. Since our last update, Kathy has had her ups and downs. Her taste is returning and having to relearn spices (sweet and hot). She fell to 109 lbs and over the last week is now regained 3 lbs in one week. (now 112) Could this be the traction we seek to regain her strength. We hope so, but our doctors informed us that she will have peaks and valleys. So we're being patient. From a cancer perspective, fingers crossed, all good news. Everything looks ok. Oncologist are now scheduling 3 and 6 month visits. I truely count our blessings and the support of you all. This has been quite a journey and I promise to check up on all Kathy's supports to throw a punch at your fight. If I didn't have your support, I would be in a looney bin.
Nicole (Lady Of The Larynx) threw a punch at your cancer.
John's Wife sent you a hug.
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Hey Mike. Good to know Kathy is doing well and still no cancer after 6 months. I recently had my 1yr 8mo check and still cancer free too. Check ups will be 6 months apart after the 2yr mark. So glad. I'm sure she's eating better, probably still has very dry mouth and sweets are salty. It's good she's gaining some weight. It's a challange for me to try to keep from gaining. I've gained 12 lbs back of the 85 I lost. Sure don't want to gain all that back. Yeah, she'll have peaks and valleys for awhile yet but things will continue to get better. Her taste will mostly come back but she may not want some foods again. I still can't stomach eggs in any form. They gross me out now and I used to love them. Remember the further time goes on and she remains cancer free, the less likely it will re-occur. I'll keep my fingers crossed too. You've both been through a lot of stress and pain. Time to relax and get on with your lives. Stay in touch though. It's nice to hear healing stories. Regards, Frank
Hugs tfor you both and prayers that her peaks and valleys get better! Sometimes I think my mouth has it's own set of explosions when I try something spicey or with a tad too much vinegar. I did have to laugh after I tried a sip of Steve's soda. that definately was an explosion of senses in my mouth. I hadn't had soda in over a year. My mouth and tongue are still sensitive.
Dear Mike, Any weight gain is a blessing. After radiation all I wanted was ham and bacon; and just the smell of french fries was intoxicating. Got my fingers crossed that Kathy will develop her own cravings and be able to gradually add some weight. You are being such a loving supporter for her. And you should pat yourself on the back for seeking out support on BFAC. Way to spread the love around. Congratulations on the continued good news. Hugs, Nicole
Thanks for the update. Sounds like everything is going in the right direction. My best to both of you! xoxo
Happy Bitrhday hope all is still going well
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